Visual Design of Games

  1. The core elements of this game are the cheese and font names and the ability to identify them as either cheese or a font. The supportive element is the phrases that let the player know whether they were correct or not. The extraneous elements are the score counter, timer, and ability to pause the game.




6. I like when the cheese/font is separate from the ‘C’ or ‘F.’ There’s a clear distinction between the actual phrase and the options to guess.

Water Girl and Fire Boy

The game has a colorful and vibrant art style that is both playful and engaging. The characters, Watergirl and Fireboy, are designed with bright colors and unique features that make them instantly recognizable. The environments in the game are also designed with a lot of attention to detail, with intricate patterns and textures that create a sense of depth and immersion.

One of the most impressive aspects of the game’s graphic design is its use of lighting and special effects. The game features dynamic lighting that changes depending on the characters’ movements and the environment around them. The use of particle effects and other special effects also adds to the game’s immersive experience, creating a sense of magic and wonder that draws players in.

Additionally, the game’s user interface is designed in a way that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The menus and buttons are designed with clear and concise graphics, making it easy for players to understand and use the game’s features.

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