P4: Refine a game

Take one of your earlier games, and take it further.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot make it to game night (3/9 or 3/10) to explain and playtest your refined project, you are required to submit a playtest and explainer video for your game as part of your final writeup. 

Be sure to state your intentions in your documentation: did you want to flesh out the story, refine the mechanics, polish the appearance? You will be graded on how well you achieved your intentions, so we need to know what you decided to do with your time.

At this point everything is highly contextual to your game; IF is very different than a board game. That said, you should know how to document your work by now. Look at past examples as necessary. Always ask questions.

Final game session will be as we have done in the past, with quick process explanations by the teams/individuals (5 min) and then game play. There may be treats!

Include a link to your write up on our blog. Board games require “print at home” versions, digital games require a link to a webpage that provides cross-platform play.


Can I join someone’s else’s game that I didn’t work on the first version of?

Yes! If someone wants to keep going, but a teammate doesn’t, another classmate can join to make the game better. Or one person can keep going alone. As long as there is a game from P1-P3 and humans who want to work on it, it’s probably fine. Check in with Christina if you have any doubts if your new group is ok.

Can I keep writing chapters of my IF?

Yes, but you’ll be expected to refine it as well as extend it.

Can I make a analog game digital?

Be our guest. Just remember the clock is ticking! The quarter is almost done.

What does a finished board game look like?

It should look complete, as if one bought it off a shelf (minus restrictions on printing.) A box with box art, board/cards/tokens that match the theme. Well written rules.  Bring to class to show, but turn in documentation with images, NOT the physical game. (It’s yours to keep!)