Project 4

For the final project, I chose to iterate on my IF from project two. My goal, according to the rubric, was to get users to care more about the topic above all else, improve the IF, and make more meaningful choices. 


I spent the bulk of the time refining the actual writing of the IF and elongating the story to have more meaningful choices. Through this, I thought that the story would stick and the theme to help others, especially in times of crisis, would stick out more. I thought that the storytelling wasn’t originally that great or refined. It felt a little clunky. I spent time rewriting and trying to make the story more gripping. I also elongated it by adding more choices for the player. I emphasized the theme of helping others, so at every decision the one that helps others wins out and the others set you back. It was a lot of fun thinking about the story again, writing, and refining. You can play it here

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