Values at Play & P2 Peer Grading

This is a longer reading (linked here) than I usually assign, so no sketchnotes (unless you enjoy them!)

This reading is to help you evaluate your classmates’ Interactive Fiction projects, and note what values are being reflected in the work. You’ll be graded for this assignment based on how you apply the reading to your peer reviews.

Your reviews of the 3 interactive fiction games should include:

  1. What values you see in the game, and how they are reflected in the choices made by the game designer (This is what we’ll grade you, the reviewer, on for this “Values at Play” assignment.)
  2. Thoughts on your experience relevant to the objectives in the rubric , specifically:
    1. How well did the game get you to care about the given topic or cause?
    2. How well did the game’s use of the medium fit the story?
    3. Did it have choices that were interesting and consequential to you? (Did any make you really stop and think?)
  3. At least 1 thing you appreciated or thought was awesome
  4. At least 1 thing you think they could improve on, if they were to turn it into their P4 project

Cut and paste your three critiques here for us to grade in addition to the peer review assignment associated with P2.

We recommend composing in a document cut and paste in rather than composing in Canvas because Canvas can be WACKY and there is no source control for grading.