P3 Concept Doc

For P3 you will create a team of 2-4 students.

Together, fill this out. https://mechanicsofmagic.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Systems-Game-Concept-Doc.pdf 
You can treat this as a worksheet OR write a blog post that covers these questions.

Optional, but recommended: Add a page with a moodboard for your game. It will help align the vision of the team.

5 Reasons for creating mood boards in game development

  • Helps you to set the right tone to reflect the mood of your game.
  • Puts all your ideas into a visual form & gives you something tangible to look at.
  • Helps to visualise and potentially determine your games colour palette.
  • You’ll never lose those inspiring images you find.
  • Central point of reference for your games inspiration.

Leave a link to your write up here in the comments.

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