P4: The Cat and the Lacquerware (Refined)

Here is the link to my P4!!

For my P4, I decided to refine my Interactive fiction game. There was a lot I wanted to do when I finished P2, so I’m glad that I got the chance to revisit it here. Feedback I got from playtesters was to space out the story better, highlight the importance of interacting with different characters and the main character’s skill with lacquerware. I refined the story a bit more, adding details to the main character’s backstory and adding touches to the interactions between characters.

The biggest addition I did was to add visuals to the game. As someone who likes to draw, I’ve been wanting to spend time to create visuals for games we made, but did not have the time to do. For this project, I ended up creating art of the characters, the endings, and the backgrounds. Here are the character art pieces:

This was a interesting challenge for me, as I’ve never created interconnecting pieces for a story in this style. So I found myself thinking about what atmosphere I was going for and what style I wanted to portray the characters in. What would readers feel when they see these visuals? I wanted to go for a more grungy, surreal feeling. The pop of colors was also something I wanted to communicate. I added color highlights to the text as well for important roles.

Overall I am happy with how the visuals add to the story. I hope this in combination with the writing will immerse readers into this world. What is the value of handcrafted art in an overly digital world? Will you take over your Grandma’s studio in spite of your family’s wishes?

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