P4: Factions (Analogue)

P4: Factions (Analogue)

Gerrymander like your favorite politicians

My intention for P4 is to refine the game + make the graphics and the materials a lot more similar to a product that I want to sell it to the market. 

I have decided to develop the game more analogue-style (off tangent from my other teammates’ online style) and change the game a little more from the feedback that we have been receiving from each playtest. In total, I have playtested this game about 7 times, and each response has been fairly positive. The players (except for Rachel who loves chess a lot) find it interesting and strategic. The final playtest with Lina had got me thinking about how I should make this game even more strategic (a game that Rachel would prefer a lot!) I would be describing what Lina had suggested in the document below. 

My style of developing this time round has been using recycled materials from the PRL. Armed with the skills, I did not want to draw everything/ cut everything out. So I decided to use the machines to work for me. (I will be attaching the files so that players can laser cut on their own too : Gerry)

Apart from that, I had feedback that the game was too small. Hence, I made a board that is 8”x8” big, with 8×8 squares. The colors are placed later using markers. I made Tetris pieces that are also approximately that size, with everything 0.2” smaller than their whole number (say to cover 1×4 square, I laser cut a rectangle with 0.8”x3.8” dimensions instead). I have used golden acrylic pieces to mimic the money that each player has from the start (10 Million) 

In addition, I have also added reference cards so the players will be well-acquainted with the 3 commonly used verbs – convert, influence, blank. The political capital cards are also adjusted so they (sort of) counteract each other, parallel to the political inefficiencies in the country.

All adjustments to the game:

  • Made everything that was paper to an actual piece (wood or acrylic) 
  • Reference card
  • Made everything more tangible, playable and sizable

There are no game adjustments from P3 to P4. However, playtesting with Lina made me ponder about two modes of playing (either more randomized or strategically-heavy). 


3 Political Capital cards will be open for either of the players to buy with their money. Once one of the three opened cards are bought, then a new card will be opened. 


All game rules are the same except for the Political Capital cards. Instead of opening 3, all cards will be laid open so that all players will have the chance to see what cards are available to them. Hence, players may employ different strategies in this format because they might not be necessarily motivated to buy some cards. 



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