P2 Checkpoint 1: Tristan, Neha, Peter, Emily, Qiantan

Target Audience:

  • Ages: 16-25
  • Experience: none
  • Background: fun activity to pass time and bond as a team

Duration: 30 min.

Types of Fun:

  • Fellowship: game as social framework
  • Discovery: game as uncharted territory
  • Challenge: game as obstacle course

Mood: Curious, intriguing, tense, uneasy, mysterious

Theme: Outer space

Setting: You’ve been stranded on an alien planet after an engine malfunction and crash landed on a strange civilization. You have to figure out a way to get back home but your spacesuit only has 30 minutes of civilization.

Objective: Send a help signal back to planet Earth.


  1. Laptop with text displaying text with your scenario and mission
  2. Deciphering text to navigate the alien space station (rosetta stone)
  3. Using mirrors to reflect light for the beacon


  • Neha Vinjapuri: https://mechanicsofmagic.com/2022/04/27/p2-moodboard-playlist-ideas/
  • Emily Hsu: https://mechanicsofmagic.com/2022/04/27/concept-sketches-and-moodboard/
  • Tristan Wang: https://mechanicsofmagic.com/2022/04/27/p2-moodboard-playlist-directions-tristan-wang/
  • Peter Gofen: https://mechanicsofmagic.com/2022/04/27/p2-brainstorming/
  • Qiantan Hong


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  1. Hi all, I like the concept—we’re also making a space-themed project! The sketches are neat, and really help me get a sense of what puzzles you’ll have. I’m interested in the details of your story, e.g. what is the player’s identity, why are they in space, what’s the name of the planet are they stranded on, are there other lifeforms there, etc.

    I found that when we fleshed out these worldbuilding details it helped us get a much more vivid sense of the specific mood we want the player to feel during the game. Even if the details don’t make it into the game, I think the act of creating that world can be fun and really helpful to center the game.

  2. This is an awesome premise! I like the time pressure that’s built into the game with “there’s only 30 minutes of air left” and think this fits well with the theme. I also appreciated the diagrams to get a feel for the storyline and be able to picture the game. It’s interesting that the goal is to send a signal to earth — does this guarantee rescue? or will there be a scenario in which a help signal doesn’t get seen –> no rescue? It also seems like reflecting light from mirrors is a very specific task to accomplish the goal of saving yourself, so this will likely take some clear guidance (while not giving anything away directly) from the Rosetta stone phase. Looking forward!

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