Short Exercise: Visual Design of Games

Core: names to choose
place to put answers

Supportive: text headings (enter c or f)

Extraneous: colors are like cheese
font size and type
table setup

A game with a nice graphic design is Forza Motorsport. Overall the graphics are very realistic and high definition. For size, the cars are big and panned around so the player can see them up close and also far away. This makes the sizing realistic but beyond being there because there are many views a real person cannot have such as the camera following the cars from outside. The colors are also vibrant and the metals shine when light and put on them. The fonts fit in with the aesthetic with being bold and sleek. The centering of the cars makes the viewing easy for the player and focuses the attention on the gameplay. The high quality graphics add to the sensation aesthetic because the player can really feel the action making it more fun to play.


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