P3: Concept Map – Truth or Troll

Having completed two concept maps, we noticed that they are quite similar. Specifically, for our chosen system—news accounts publishing news on social media—we researched and mapped out four scenarios where publishing or not publishing news could affect the intricate dynamics between social media platforms and individual news accounts/reporters. In our game design, we adhered closely to this system map, developing a gameplay where players first assess the truthfulness of a news headline before choosing a social media platform for its publication. This decision impacts either their account’s credibility or the overall credibility of the media platform. However, what we’ve identified as missing from our current game development, in both concept maps, are the specific consequences of these four key actions. Due to the extensive and far-reaching influence of misinformation, pinpointing a singular focus has been challenging. In the upcoming week, our goal is to frame the spread of misinformation within a specific context and clearly define how players’ actions can influence the trajectory of this context.

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