Tiny Playable Prototype: Ca$h or Credit

In-game Notes:

  • Players, especially non-Americans, had lots of questions about what a credit score was to begin with.
  • First player immediately used credit to buy a house they didn’t have enough money for.
  • People noted house price was too low compared to medical bills.
  • Need fake money
  • Need slider for credit score and utilization.
  • Switch “forgive” to “defer” for government loan assistance cards
    • Have player “cash in” these payment deferment cards in to use them.
  • Should the +/- for credit score points be larger?
  • Flush out the dynamic for taking out a loan.
  • Additional bad events
    • Your rent was increased

Post-game Player Feedback / Suggestions

  • Payment proportions should be worked out
  • Have mortgage payments for a number of cycles
  • 4 point drop for taking out a loan is too small.
  • Should there be events that drastically change your credit score?
  • Payers wondered how we won? When does the game end? 
    • Should the win state be paying off the assets instead of acquiring them?
  • Add in a downpayment requirement to make it harder to get a loan.
  • Should we add interest on loans?
  • First thing to deal with is to make a scorecard for players.
  • Player Interaction:
    • Could players sell assets to each other to get cash to pay things off?
    • Should players be able to give each other loans?


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