P2: Map & Premise

Premise: Players awake in the dark Forest of Falsehoods, a place filled with bottomless rabbit holes and infinite echo chambers. Players must collaborate (or not) to find their way out of the Forest to the Land of Understanding. During this adventure, they encounter tests of their understanding of world events and are asked to provide arguments for WHY those events occurred.  As Explorers advance, offering answers and evidence to establish a Trail of Plausibility, the Premise Monster checks for false premises and contradictory evidence to lure them deeper into the Forest.

This game is meant to utilize (in theory if not practice)and build a narrative world around a genAI news learning application I’ve been building.

Player Role:

  • Hero

NPC Role:

  • Premise Monster (A.I.)

Player Goals: Find and stay on a sound path to escape the Forest of Falsehoods and find the Land of Understanding (Spoiler: You never get there).

Player Conflict: Players on the same team and seeking the same goal will sometimes disagree on WHAT happened or, more often, WHY it happened. This can cause the party to split up or to proceed on paths built on premises that are later revealed to be unsound (i.e. not leading out of the Forest).

Play Choices: Players can stick together or split up and follow their own paths.

Player Actions:

  • Answer questions generated from news stories about what happened that day (This will leverage a genAI application I’ve been building).
  • Offer explanations of WHY.
    • If players on a team disagree, they can offer evidence to persuade one another.
    • If they fail to convince one another, they can split up and follow different premises (i.e. “paths”).

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