Skim & Watch: MDA & 8 Kinds of Fun

One game I love is Call of Duty Black Ops 3. I specifically love this Call of Duty because its mechanics create an extremely engaging Fantasy and Challenge aesthetic. The customization of split screen multiplayer games gives me and my friends the opportunity to create our own rules. The mechanics of weapons, player health, and special abilities combined with the mechanics of adjusting these variables allows for an incredibly fun 1v1 sniper battle dynamic. We would reduce player health so that there would be no hitmarkers, and also limit the weapon mechanics to only snipers. Furthermore, we would increase COD’s mechanic of bullet penetration which would make snipers more effective at shooting through walls. This would make a really fun dynamic of players randomly shooting through walls and getting unexpected kills. This reduced the skill gap between the players and added a certain amount of randomness that introduces a chaotic game dynamic. Another mechanic that added to this chaotic game dynamic would be the flying mechanic of players. Players had exoskeleton suits that allowed for partial flight. Other Call of Duty games did not have this mechanic, and in my opinion made similar 1v1 sniper battles dynamics less fun. Flying during a fight made aiming and shooting with snipers much harder and even more chaotic. The dynamic of trickshotting was created from all these adjustments. 

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