What Do Prototypes Prototype?

Will players be able to express their creativity or will they feel constrained?

This question is important because it points to the fun players will have through Expression. Because our game is akin to Apples to Apples, Cards against Humanity, and Madlibs, we want to make sure players feel a similar sense of creativity that allows them to express their sense of humor. Our prototype currently has movie plot cards with 3-4 blanks for the player to fill out with the cards in their hands, however, the cards we wrote are very descriptive/filled with our own sense of humor already. This prototype will test if the players feel too constrained by the amount of humor injected in the cards already. I think it is definitely possible that we boxed our players in by adding too much description. Apples to Apples, for example, succeeds with very minimal answers.


Will players be overwhelmed to have two types of cards in their hand?

Unlike Apples to Apples or Cards against Humanity, our game has both noun cards and verb cards. However, a player keeps a hand of 8 cards in total, and must juggle both of these types of cards, making sure they always have 4 of each. This is important to answer because we don’t typically see players putting down multiple cards with different function in word games, so it would be interesting to see if the process is confusing or takes a long time. My guess is that it will be pretty manageable, since we have a low amount of cards (8 in hand).


Is it corny?

This game is weird. I’m pretty sure the cards we wrote are definitely not everyone’s type of humor. When my table played Awkward Moment in class, we definitely did not gel with the humor the cards put out. There will definitely be people reading the card that will say, “What does that even mean?”. However, games like Cards against Humanity lean into that weird and are strangely extremely mainstream. It is hard to gauge where that balance lay and I think our prototype will be very insightful in finding where our game lies. My guess is that we wrote pretty relevant cards for people our age. Though some of them are a little on the weird side, I think it’s a good excuse for anyone to tap into their inner odd kid.

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