Creating a Narrative based Game with AI Characters

I am planning to create a game where players can interact with AI characters. The game is designed to be played with multiple players. The players have two roles – they can design AI characters, and they can also play the game with these characters. Below is a more detailed plan.

Game Idea:
The main idea is to have a game where players can design their own AI characters using special tools like Generative AI Language Models (LLMs). Once the AI characters are created, players can interact with them in the game to achieve certain goals.

Player Roles:
1. AI Persona Designer:
– Players can design AI characters with different styles and personalities.
– They use Generative AI LLMs to make the characters talk and behave in certain ways.

2. Interactive User Player:
– Players can also play the game, talking and interacting with the AI characters.
– Their goal is to persuade the AI characters to help them complete specific objectives.

The challenge in the game is that the AI characters are not easy to persuade. Players need to think and choose their actions carefully to convince the AI characters.

1. AI Persona Designer designs an AI character with a unique style and personality, and the context they appear.
2. Players set a goal they want to achieve in the game.
3. Players talk and interact with the AI characters through a chat-based interface.
4. An AI evaluator checks if the goal is achieved and gives feedback.
5. Players can then debrief and talk about their experiences and learn from each other.

Example Scenario:
I will provide an example scenario to help players understand the game. In this example, there is a character named Osaka from Japan who loves Anime, Matcha, and exercise. The story begins at a bus stop where players meet Osaka and try to ask her out. Through this scenario, players can learn how to interact with AI characters and achieve their goals.

This game provides a fun and interactive way to explore AI technology. Players can learn how to design AI characters and also how to communicate effectively to achieve their goals in the game. Through this game, we hope to provide an entertaining and educational experience for all players.

P.S. I have the technical skills to execute this. Check out

Serious Games Sketch notes (Concept Map)

Citations for ChatGPT disclosure: Assistance in ideation and writing refinement provided by ChatGPT, a machine learning model by OpenAI.


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