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For my competitive analysis critical play, I chose to play Truth or Dare with my teammates for P1.

Truth or Dare is a social party game played with two or more players, where each player (A) takes turns asking another player (B) to choose between answering a question truthfully or performing a dare. After player B chooses, player A then comes up with either a question or dare that player B must follow through with.

One of the primary mechanics of the game is the player’s choice between a truth or a dare. Because the rules of the game necessitate each player to go through with one or the other with no option to opt out, the truths/dares that players come up with generally tend to be quite heinous. This dynamic that arises from this mechanic is a well known expectation that many people have when going into playing this game, including my team members who I played with. For example, one of the questions asked by someone was “What is your favorite position and why?”, which definitely made for some laughs because of both the absurdity of the question and the response that was given by the player who was asked the question.

What I observed from this dynamic was that it almost forced us to open up and becoming closer to each other. Given that I played this game with my teammates for P1, and that none of us knew each other well before taking this class, it was interesting to see how our relationships developed along with the game, as the questions and dares got more and more wild. At first, because we had not yet had the opportunity to be vulnerable in front of each other before, the questions and dares were pretty tame. But the more we laughed with the fun dares and silly questions, the level of comfortability with each other rose, and we slowly began to ask more intimate and embarrassing questions and give our rowdier dares. At the end of it all, I felt a lot closer to my teammates, which definitely fulfilled a sense of fellowship type of fun.


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