Cheese or Font

Elements of the game

  1. Core: the “F” and “C” keys, the name of the font
  2. Supportive: the colors used, the table and its column names, the displayed score
  3. extraneous: the average score, the message when you get an answer wrong.

Quick sketch with core elements – This takes a lot of the unnecessary details of the game away and allows the user to focus on the main point of the game which is guessing if something is a font or cheese.


Make one element huge – Creates emphasis on the name of the item rather than the guessing elements.

Use one color in your thumbnail – This shows what color has potential to do. It adds mood to the thumbnail, but an incorrect placement might mislead the user or tempt the user to select something over the other. In this example the user might be pushed to select cheese because of its pop of color.

Use different types in your thumbnails – The change in fonts allows for a mood change when it comes to the game. A more classic font might mean a more classic game while a fun font may create the expectation for a fun game.

Experimenting with grouping – Grouping makes the game more intuitive. On the left I made everything left aligned which takes away the distinction that is needed for the element that is being guessed and the options to guess. On the right the name of the font/cheese is emphasized by being centered and differentiates the options from the item being guessed.


A game that I think is beautiful is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It’s shading and colors allow for a fun world that gets users excited to explore via the race track. It takes the elements of being a child and crosses it with the adrenaline rush that comes with a racing game. There is provided emphasis on things like the map and the place that the user is in to set up expectation while also keeping the terrain and environment of the current track a mystery to enable exploration and discovery.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review: A Recreated and Updated Classic

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