Game: Jenga


  1. Players stack blocks into a building-type figure
  2. Multiplayer game: no limit on players!
  3. Players take turns removing a block from somewhere in the middle of the formation
  4. While they are picking the block to remove they are not allowed to touch the formation (so as to make it harder to guess which is a good block)
  5. If they remove the block and the formation falls apart, they lose and the game ends
  6. If they remove the block and the formation is still upright – the game moves to next player’s turn.
  7. This process keeps repeating itself until someone makes the formation fall apart.


— these rules make an interesting dynamic. turns are small so the game keeps moving fast, and it can be played with as many players as you want which makes the game highly versatile. The simple process of the game also lends itself to many interesting variations, such as truth and dare Jenga.

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