Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc Individual


Spotify Playlist

  • “Just Look Up” by Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi
  • “La vie en rose” by Louis Armstrong
  • “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” by Jerry Herman, Michael Crawford

~3 Directions

  1. Sorting Game (sort different pieces of trash into their appropriate categories)
  2. Riddle Game (answer a riddle or a question about the environment, and receive points to move forward in the game)
  3. Farming (grow plants/raise animals and collect points based on carbon footprint)
  4. Ocean Clean-Up (move around the screen to collect trash)
  5. Fighting Game (kill enemies who treat the environment poorly)

All of these game directions could involve narrative fun. The idea is that we will introduce the player to the story of global warming + environmental destruction on earth, then propose ideas for what they can do about it throughout the gameplay. Our team plans on building a slice, but if there were multiple levels, the game could allow for the player to travel across different natural environments, or even progress through increasingly complex acts of protecting our planet (eg. recycling –> green consumption).

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