Ecy’s Introduction

Hi there!

I’m Ecy(she/her), and I’m a junior in SymSys (HAI). For those of you wondering how to pronounce my name, it is said AC like the band ACDC 🙂

My favorite game of all time isprobably Animal Jam, avirtual world with animal-based avatars and mini-games sponsored by National Geographic. I spent an ungodly amount of time on the website when I was younger. Although it does contain plenty of mini-games, trading is a huge part of the overall game. Many players try to acquire the most rare and valuable items, often incorporating items obtained from trading, mini-games, giveaways, art, money, and even scamming!

It’s also amusing 1) playing a game where you mainly have to define the purpose of your experience (trading, meeting people, letting loose, making art and 2) watching a trading ecosystem/vocab/norms develop independently of the game makers. In that respect, it reminds me of one game we all play, that is the game of life!

One recent game I enjoyed is Connect 4. Such a classic and fun to play with its many strategies and mind games 🙂

I think gamification of everyday life is a fun concept to play around with as well!

just a pic of Ecy with a short Fro!

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