Goutham’s FLUXX Critical Play

FLUXX is a card game where the game change as it goes on. Players have the ability to alter the game at any given point to set new objectives and rules. I played FLUXX with Vicky online and it was a very interesting experience! I had never played the game before and I was also new to the online format. I think that the rules of the game were very confusing at first but within a round or two I was able to understand how the game worked and how to play to win. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the game as it felt heavily based on chance and it felt like it could get repetitive over time but there was a lot of spontaneous fun during our play session.

The Formal Elements of FLUXX

Players – FLUXX can be played with 2-6 players. The players compete with one another aiming towards the same win condition (though each player can change it)

Objective: The objective of the game is to assemble Keeper cards on a player’s board that match the conditions set by a Goal card. Players can change which Goal card is in play within the game.

Rules: The game begins by distributing 3 cards to each player from the deck. The cards in the game can be Keeper cards, Goal cards, Action cards, or Rule cards. Keeper cards display an object that can counted towards a win condition. The Goal cards set a combination of conditions that the players have to achieve in order to win. Action cards allow the player to take a special action. Rule cards set a new rule in the game. The first person to fulfill a Goal card present on the board wins.

Procedure: During a player’s turn they follow any rules present on the board that determine how many cards they can draw and how many they must play. Players must resolve any effects or rules present on the board during their turn.

Resources: There are Keeper cards, Goal cards, Action cards, and Rule cards. There is also a deck of cards that players draw from.

Boundaries: The game is bounded by the number of cards in the deck and the formats in which it can be played. It requires either a physical deck or online access to the game.

Conflict: The conflict in the game occurs when a player changes the rules or goal of the game. The other players are forced to respond to the new rules and objectives by either trying to deny other players the resources to win or by changing the rules themselves.


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