Mind Map: Narrative Architecture


  1. Evocative Narrative: Lego Batman: The Videogame immerses the player (who plays from the POV of Batman or Robin) in the extensive world of Batman. Since it never explicitly explains the Batman mythology it uses, it requires the player to enter the game with some knowledge of Batman’s world.
  2. Enacting Narrative: In The Legend of Zelda, the player accomplishes necessary tasks to move around the extensive game world and unlock new portions of the pre-determined storyline.
  3. Embedded Narrative: Guilty Party is a Wii game where you attempt to find the culprit in the aftermath of a crime. You and all of the suspects are locked in a manor together, and you must investigate the rooms of the manor and interview the suspects to find clues and solve the crime.
  4. Emergent Narrative: Webkinz is a game where players can explore an open world, partaking in activities like playing games, going to school, and decorating their homes. Players tend to develop personalities for their animals, which they can show off via clothing and room decor.

Mind Map:

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