Critical Play: Mysteries

I played “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture,” which thankfully I knew someone who owned it on steam so I didn’t have to pay $19.99. The game was developed by “The Chinese Room.” To start, I immediately noticed that the game is gorgeous. The settings is very well constructed and convincingly lived in, the dusktime lighting shining through the trees in this abandoned small suburb is very apocalyptic. I could know nothing about this game and just see a screenshot of the setting and know it was apocalyptic. It reminds me heavily of Bill and Frank’s town from the Last of Us TV show (I haven’t played the game, just comparing it to other examples of apocalypse media that I have seen). The gameplay of walking around following the personified ethereal wisps of light allows you to take in your surroundings and imagine what people would have been doing before the apocalypse. I didn’t play enough to figure out the mystery, but the slow pace really contributed to my imagination running wild and provided motivation to keep pushing forward. 

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