William – Short Exercise: Visual Design of Games

Cheese or font

  • Identify elements of cheese or font

Core: list of cheeses and font names, and feedback for whether the player’s guess is correct or not.

Supportive: score (I would argue the score system is not core to this game), instruction to enter C or F

Extraneous: flavor text when getting a guess wrong

  • The other ones

A beautiful game

I picked Witcher 3. It’s a game that came out in 2016 but it’s so impressive that I think is still beautify by today’s graphical standards.

(Disclaimer: I got this screenshot from the internet cuz I didn’t want to sit around and wait for a good looking sunset)

Perhaps what makes this scene so beautiful is the same reason that makes sunsets beautiful. The sun has a distinctive bright yellow color, in a prominent position in the sky, and is also huge. The rest of the scene has a coat of red over it, decreasing the contrast between objects, and increasing the contrast between the sun and everything else. In this moment, there’s no gameplay, and the game wants you to just bask in the sunset and take it in.

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