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SpyFall can be played on multiple platforms, but our group played it online with the app

Target audience: The game is designed for people in groups who have doesn’t want to commit to a long round of game since the game is timed from 6 – 10 minutes depending on the number of players.

Notable elements of the game: The game can be played for 4 – 10 players, and the game length will range from 6 – 10 minutes based on the number of players. The objective for the non-spies is to guess the spy at the end and the objective for the spy is to figure out how to hide within the non-spies and not to be found out. The rules/procedures for the game goes as follows: everyone has a list of possible locations, but only the non-spies have the final location while the spy doesn’t have the final location – it just appears as ??? For every round, one person can ask one question to another person, ex: “xxx have you been to this place this month?”. From the question and the answer, players can then try to figure out who the spy is and the spy can try to figure out what the final destination is. However, some conflict include how the non-spies will ask misleading questions or answers to that the spy When the time expires, all players have to vote for a spy as the outcome. Some resources include the digital “card” of the final destination and the “cards” for possible destinations. The boundaries of this game is the phone for the actual digital element and the physical space is just not too big to the point that other people can hear you talk. *However we played over zoom because of location issues and it still worked!

Compare the game you chose to other games in its genre: This game falls under the genre of social deduction. Some other games under this genre are Avalon, mafia, werewolf, and more. I think this game has a lower entry level and a shorter game time so I think it’s easier for people who just want to kill some time and don’t want to commit to a long game time or use a lot of brain power.

Was the game fun? I think the game was pretty fun! But I think it can be a bit more fun if there is a little bit more people in the game because we played it with 4 people, so there were only 1 spy an 3 non-spies. As a non-spy, I think it was pretty easy to tell who the non-spy was, and during our final discussion, our spy told us she did not enjoy the game because it was just impossible to guess what the final location was.

Moments of particular success or epic fails (in your opinion): Since we played this game on zoom, it was a bit hard when one of our teammates had some wifi issues. I think it went super normally since we all guessed the correct spy, so I wouldn’t say there were any particular success or epic fails.

Things you would change to make the game better: I think to make the game more fair, I think the spy should get less destinations to guess from so it won’t be too hard for the spy.

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