What do Prototypes Prototype?

(Sketchnote from 247B)

Our team is creating a variation of beer pong where at the bottom of each cup, there is a challenge/truth or dare slip you have to complete for the shot to be valid. If the shooting team fails to complete the slip, then the cup stays on the table.

  1. If the shooting team fails to complete the slip, should the slip remain or should it be taken out?
    This is an important question to answer because we don’t want players to get overly frustrated with the game as failing a slip over and over again might make the game not fun to play. We would make two prototypes for this: one where the slip is removed after it is failed, and one where it remains. We would intentionally add some harder slips to these two prototypes so testers have a chance to fail them. My guess is that we can remove the slips after they fail them (this also keeps the game shorter).
  2. How many max players can be on each team?
    As our game is intended to help players build strong bonds with each other, this is an important question to answer. Having more players will allow people to form bonds with more people, but will likely decrease the strength of their bonds. We can have different prototypes where there are different amounts of people on the team and we can observe/survey testers about which amount worked the best. My guess is the max number of players is 4 people per team.
  3. What types of challenges/truth or dares are fun?
    This is important to answer because we want people to stay interested in the game and to not revert back to beer pong because they think the original is better. Our prototypes can try out various different challenge/truth or dare slips and note what slips users liked the best and which helped them create the strongest bonds. My guess is more cooperative challenge slips will be the most successful, like having 2 team members do a 3 legged race against the other team.

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