Critical Play: Superliminal

I really liked a lot of different parts of this game. The game concept was incredibly creative and unique. The idea of playing with perspective to solve puzzles challenged my idea of what a puzzle was. The game pushes you to re-examine the world around you and question your own perception. I also liked that the puzzle was both the buttons in the game and the game play space itself. Trying to navigate the space and find the next puzzle was really fun. The game did an incredible job of using game architecture to build both a mood and challenge the user. The graphics were amazing and very smooth and the lighting was really well rendered.

I struggled at certain points of the game, however. Early game play felt a little too easy and I felt myself starting to get bored after I figured out the main concept. Other parts of the game were really hard and I got quite frustrated. I wish the game designers had done a better job of making the levels more even. However, I did appreciate the number of levels in the game. The game had so many mini-puzzles and was so well-designed graphically that it was hard not to admire!



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