Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc – Secrets of Stanford

By Ecy King, Ulo Freitas, Stanford Stickney, and Fernanda Kramer

Our game, Secrets of Stanford, will focus on the life and death of Jane Stanford. Through our game, we hope to evoke the following emotions/feelings: uncertainty, heroism, thrill.

Also, we envision incorporating the following puzzle themes:

  • Clocks
  • Boxes
  • Tickets
  • Fish and chemistry (Jordan Hall was known to have knowledge of strychnine for his fish)
  • Timelines
  • Club Soda (the drink that contained the poison that ultimately killed Jane)

We are still unsure of the direction that we will take, but we have a few ideas:

  1. An on-campus scavenger hunt that begins at the Mausoleum (where Jane is buried) and takes the player(s) to parts of campus relevant to her life. The final destination will reveal who killed Jane.
  2. A mostly/completely dark escape room. The ghost of Charles Lathrop, Jane Stanford’s brother, turns the lights off and the player must avenge Jane’s death to have the lights turned back on. Clues eventually reveal Charles Lathrop’s his relation to Jane Stanford and who killed Jane.
  3. An escape room in Jane’s office. This can be in the dark or with light. The players have a certain amount of time to find the antidote to the poison.

We think that prototyping the puzzle pieces will inform the structure of the game and the direction we take.

Individual Concept Docs:

Fernanda’s Concept Doc

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Ulo’s Concept Doc

Stanford’s Concept Doc

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