P2 Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc (Individual)

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I am hoping to go for a murder mystery theme for this project, so I selected some spooky piano background music that I found on Spotify.


Three Directions

  1. The first is Stanford-themed. It would be a walk through campus– like a scavenger hunt– that would visit the ~spookiest~ parts. Finding each location would require solving a riddle of some point. Upon arrival, players would learn of that location’s spooky history. I envision including Tressider (which is supposedly haunted), the Mausoleum (Jane Stanford’s poisoning), the basement of Jordan Hall (Stanford Prison Experiment), and MemChu (the 1970s murder). The types of fun here would be Challenge and Discovery.
  2. The second is also Stanford-themed. This one would focus on the life of Jane Stanford, leading up to her fatal poisoning. I would like to do an escape room in which the player needs to discover the truth behind her poisoning. The player would solve various riddles in the room and look for items. For example, the player could look for a key to unlock a box with letters from Goebel (her confidant at Stanford while she way away) detailing David Starr Jordan’s misbehavior. I would also like to include her rubies from the Jewel fund as a prop. The objective of the game would be to figure out who killed Jane Stanford. The types of fun in this escape room would be: Escape, Narrative Challenge.
  3. The last one goes in a non-Stanford direction. This would be an escape room mostly in the dark, 70s/80s themed, and scary. The narrative is the player is in an apartment when a storm hits, knocking the lights out. The player then needs to complete tasks around the house. However, it is then revealed that a serial killer is about, and the tasks then become about protecting oneself. The types of fun here would be Escape, Narrative, and Challenge.

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