What do Prototypes Prototype?



Do people want to put a lot of effort into coming up with questions? 

This is an important question to answer because this will help determine the amount of work that the creators must put into the questions of the game. Our current prototype provides example questions that will guide the user but they will come up with their own set of 15. I think that people might experience fatigue coming up with so many questions and become disinterested after a while.  


Do people want to divulge information?

This is important because because the premise of the game hinges on the willingness of people to share private information. Our current prototype allows the players to answer questions from different tiers of intensity. I think people will be very conservative since they will probably not know each other too well. 


Can people easily grasp the rules? 

This is important because if the game sounds too complicated people might be disinterested and unwilling to try it. Our current prototype involves a sheet of paper with the rules, which we will tweak accordingly. I think people will easily grasp the rules since they don’t seem overly complicated.

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