Skim & Watch: MDA & 8 Kinds of Fun

A game that I am particularly fond of is a platformer called “the Fancy Pants Adeventures”. It’s a game in which the main character (a stick figure with weapons and very fancy pants) attempts to pass different levels. In the process they must fight enemies, do mini games and collect squiggles, which are the currency of that universe. The game has a nice set of mechanics that make it very fun. For example, the player can operate independently in two dimensions, which allows them to do flips and other maneuvers while in the air. This makes the game more fun since it allows the player to experiment with different d-pad combinations. They can back flip off of ledges, somersault into obstacles, and turn into a whirlwind when attacking enemies.

It is partly because of this that the game does not become stale. Another interesting mechanic that the game provides is the ability to attack enemies with projectlies or close range combat. There are various cartoon guns that the player can use to shoot at birds, spiders and similarly armed rats. If the player wishes to instead fight with a sword, they can do so as well.

This functionality allows for a fun mix of light cartoon violence that is more comical than anything else. Spiders keel over when they are hit, birds fall out out the sky, and many other absurd things happen as the game progresses. Because of this I think that game is particularly good at appealing to the my desire for abnegation, narrative, fantasy, and challenge. The strongest of these is fantasy. The main character exists in a world where the things he experiences cannot realistically happen. I really enjoy the absurdity of things that are so different from what is in the realm of possibility. 

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