Introduction – Anna

Hi! My name is Anna, and I use she/her pronouns.

My favorite game of all time is Bloons Tower Defense. It’s a game I can play while doing something else, like listening to a podcast or watching YouTube. It’s very low-stress, which I love, and I find the popping sounds very addictive. BTD 6 allows you to have “Hero” towers too, which are very fun to collect and get skins for. My favorite Hero is Benjamin, who is a hacker, but I got a skin for him so he makes sushi now haha.

A recent game that I have enjoyed has been Tsuki Odyssey. It’s a phone game that allows you to collect furniture and decorate a treehouse. It’s a passive game, so it’s very easy to keep up with throughout the day, and I love any game that allows me to customize things. The graphics are so cute too. It’s a bit buggy right now, but I’m willing to wait for the updates.

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