P2: Map and premise

Premise: Think about the algorithm of our current social media, which adjusts its feed according to your previous watches and preferences, from political viewpoints, to current events, to personal taste. Think about the world where each individual is being fed the news, information, and content that they like. Think about how knowledge could be taught in one state/one country, but not the other. And now, think about it in 100 years, where things could become way worse. This is a world where after the technology tycoons have taken over our lives, each person carries a “information cocoon” on their phone, an echo chamber, where they would grow up reading about and believing in things that they themselves (or their family/state/country) would’ve already had prior beliefs in. Mark, our protagonist, a young intellectual, who one day, noticed a glitch. All of a sudden, “weird things” are mixed into his daily feeds—things he did not understand and have never previously learned about. How would he react? What would that prompt him to do?

[still working on fleshing out the key plots]


  • how to establish the new rules of this world at the beginning with interactive choices?
  • what is the order of the new world?
  • need to flesh out key plot points

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