P2, Team 13: Concept Doc


  • Stanford professor
    • Who is secretly Satoshi Nakamoto(The Mysterious Inventor of Bitcoin), he disappeared/passed away. He sends out a school wide email to announce that he hidden his hardware crypto wallet and the passcode to access his asset of over $1,000,000,000 worth of bitcoin. The hardware crypto wallet is locked away and the key to the wallet also needs to be interpreted in order to access the 


  • Excitement
  • Challenge
  • Anticipation and mystery

The Setting

  • Online + Box that can be played anywhere
  • You are trying to crack the code to find the lost Bitcoin of a billionaire. 


  • Mechanics

      • Rules
        • Need to solve the puzzle by working together
        • Must unlock the ledger before one hour is up in order to win
      • Puzzles
        • Start with a box with a Ledger(Hardware wallet) locked inside and a QR code on top that sends them to either an email or video message
        • Scan the QR code to get to the instructions/setting of the game (video or text). The website inspection to find clues and decrypt things
          • Find the code to the lock of the box
        • Inside is another locked box with key
          • Key can be hidden in the compartment or under the box or inside the box. 
        • Then you can get to the ledger (puzzles in ledger):
          • Timer component, after the QR scan, the user logs onto a website, as soon as they’re in a timer starts
          • The QR Code scan (multi-person)
            • Need to work together to figure out which QR codes need to be scanned at the same time to unlock access to the webpage
            • Creates fun of fellowship
            • Send you to the wiki or whitepaper
          • Find trivia on Wikipedia page, Bitcoin whitepaper, online to find clues 
            • Use other clues from the original video or website to find the right page, paragraph, line number
  • Dynamics

    • Urgency – needing to win the game before the time runs out
    • Collaboration – different tasks will require the team to work together and complete activities as a unit
    • Solving puzzles sequentially to unlock the next one
    • Level of competition – leaderboard of times
  • Aesthetics

    • Fun of challenge
      • Series of puzzles and codes that need to be solved to “unlock” 
    • Fun of fellowship
      • Players will need to work together to solve puzzles and riddles to find the passcode and get the treasure
    • Fun of narrative
      • Develop the story of Satoshi Nakamoto who disappeared and left his fortune to only the brightest and most worthy Stanford CS students
    • Fun of sensation
      • Inclusion of physical puzzles, key, padlock, and crypto wallet to provide a level of sensation

Target Audience

  • Stanford students
  • Crypto enthusiasts
  • Those familiar with technology

Key Challenges for Design

  • Constructing replicable box of physical objects to go along with our technical components
  • Creating physical puzzles of the right difficulty for optimal timing
  • Creating the video or aesthetic-matching website to introduce the game

Key Challenges for Tech

  • Timer
    • Creating a lasting timer that will start at the correct time, restart at new play, and reliably store the time
  • Multiple QR scanning
  • Hiding clues in the code of the website

Individual Contributions

  1. Christina Kwak
  2. Claire Muscat
  3. Steven Pu
  4. Flynn Traeger

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