Short Exercise: Visual Design of Games


A game I think is beautiful is Elden Ring.

Most of what makes this game beautiful is the art itself, which inspires a feeling of awe amplified by the excellence of the environment, the music, the narrative, the gameplay, and the level of difficulty. In terms of design principles, the controls are all very intuitive on a controller, as all the similar features are mapped to buttons which are physically grouped together on the controller. Some groups include movement on X and O (on playstation), attack on the triggers, and equipable items, the last of which are also shown grouped together on the bottom left of the screen. The Health, mana, and stamina meters are also grouped together on the top. The positioning of the items in the corners of the screen, their small size, and the absence of distracting text make up a minimalist HUD that lets players focus on the beautiful artistry happening in the middle of the screen. It also leaves lots of space for players to see incoming enemy attacks so they can react faster.

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