P1: Playable prototype – Ji Hong Ni

(Group Members: Ji Hong, Alahji, Ecy)

Playtesting 1 Notes (1/19):  

  • Playtesters: Shana, Yasmin, Carina                                                                                         
  • What would you change?
    • Limiting one ingredient to each dish or playing around with the frequency of cards that appear
    • Adding more colors and coordination between menu and cards 
    • Win up to three points
    • Add more dishes to the menu
    • One person can not make the same dish more than once to learn about new dishes on the menu
  • Notes during the game: 
    • Alahij explaining the game – attentive, questions, verbal responses
    • “When do we decide to clear up cards?” – when the round is done
    • Cards have been dealt 
      • Draw images on the cards to match the ingredients 
    • Holding up the menu at all times -> moved desk together to make marketplace more stable 
    • Carina made the first dish in one round and yelled potluck! 
    • Panic when alahji said go
    • Mass swapping
    • Very quiet, focused
    • Round 2: went more than one round
      • Very violent – Carina won again (2 points now) 
      • Yasmin won but didn’t know it ~ 
    • Round 3: more focus
      • Ways of holding cards, stacking up and down and fan mode
      • Carina won! 3 points
    • Alahji explaining more about the game
    • Are you going to draw the images -> use figma 
    • Overlapping of ingredients: proteins?? 
    • First impression: 
      • Made sense, not to complicated
      • Expected to play game that fast? – a surprise to us 
    • Suggestions: have bluffing aspect, establish trade with people and could lie about ingredients but the marketplace might be harder to figure out 
    • If someone calls potluck, don’t restart, just continue
    • Make the same dishes twice 
    • If someone makes a s=recipe and maybe switch the recipe out too 
    • Menu component – correspond color with ingredient cards 
    • Liked the marketplace 
    • Meeting goals: testing them to name the ingredients for bonus points! Reinforces the learning, recall things for recall proactive; strengthens neurons 

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