Journey was created by thatgamecompany and Santa Monica Studios and published by Sony Computer entertainment. It was first released in 2012 for the PS3 (play station 3).

The formal elements of the game consist of discovery and adventure. Journey meets its intend goal of invoking a sense of wonder and discovery. The scenery evokes a visual story narrative where players can discover uncharted territory. It was particularly exciting in this vast sea of sand to cross paths with another player and communicate without the spoken or written narrative. The buttons and gameplay are intuitive and through playing around I got the general jist for many of the functions. I particularly like the short moments where my character seems to almost fly; also appreciate the font style of the musical notes. From my vantage, the visual narrative played a powerful role. It seemed so much of the experience and designer intent was conveyed through the artistic creation of the world in conjunction with selected music and yet no written words were conveyed, no spoken narrative shared. It is a powerful game that facilitates a sense of wonder and awe. I look forward to continue playing journey in the coming days and months. 

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