Individual Post: Concept Doc P2


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Directions for the Game:

  1. Kinds of Fun (for all ideas):
    1. Discovery: exploration of the game as a 2d side scroller vertically 
    2. Fellowship: with two characters inside the game
    3. Narrative: discovering the past as you climb upwards
    4. Challenge: platforming (low challenge)
  2. Narrative ideas:
    1. Overarching themes: small individual in a large world, searching for the sky/stars
    2. Idea #1: Adult trapped in an office that is far too big for him, platforming upwards through an office setting to try to reach the sky (freedom)
    3. Idea #2: Child trapped in a dirty city (ie: like Shanghai); platforming upwards through city buildings while trying to see the stars for the first time. 
      1. Paper airplanes/mechanical birds/etc aid him on the way, but he slowly becomes increasingly out of breath/tired as he continues his journey upwards
      2. End is dictated by his actions; the birds which came with him on the way up either abandon him for the stars (bad end) or push him upwards into the sky (good end)
        1. The stars could also be an illusion (water above them, reflection of the city below). 
    4. Idea #3: Cute platformer upwards where the main character’s parent is a seasoned sky traveler, and she wants to find/reunite with her parent in the sky

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