Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc – Ji Hong Ni (Individual)

Setting: A Room

Theme: Time travel

Emotion: Confusion

Mechanics: Opening items


3 directions for the game to be:

  • You stumble across an old room in your search for the missing woman that disappeared without a trace 5 years ago, and after following some cryptic messages left in that room, you trigger a time-space reversal that sends you back into this room, 5 years ago, 4 days before the disappearance of this women. This room, back then, was a security room of a mental institution that was demolished years later, but somehow the room was preserved underground. There is a TV that allows you to watch footage of some of the halls that the woman roamed. What is she trying to hide? Where did she go? Who was involved?
  • You revisited the first home you had when you were a child after graduating college. Both your parents passed away before you moving to this room in your grandmother’s house. However, there is one night in middle school that some supernatural things happened and the TV in your room began showing hints of the real reason why your parents passed away. However, you were too young to figure it out and brushed it off as a dream. You rummage through your old things and a heavy box fell on your head, knocking you out. When you woke up again, you see your middle school self sound asleep in the bed, and then the TV began to flash. This is your chance to find out what really happened.
  • In a utopian future, people have evolve beyond the need to environmental interactions. The polluted surfaces of the Earth forced the nations to come up with the Emergency Act of 4077 that funded scientific research that enabled humans to receive the same stimulation from a virtual setting as they would do from a naturalistic one. In this world, people are strapped to a chair as they stare into a screen, receiving the serotonin they need. One day, the power plant that supplies the simulation chairs had an unusual surge and cause a temporal interaction with the people in room 455. This resulted them to be sent back in time, 12 hours before they were chained to the chair. Now, they need to find a way to break out of this room before getting strapped to these dystopian chairs for eternity.

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