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  • you and your friends are students at an old boarding school. rumor is, your old history professor is part of a cult (think scientology or the masons). you’ve snuck into his office to find evidence, and the more you look, the more he seems involved in the disappearance of children. throughout the game, however, it is revealed that he didn’t hurt any of the children – in fact, his own children died under tragic circumstances, and he has never moved on.
  • you and your friends are at office hours for your computer science class, and the professor never shows up. stuck in her office, you get bored and start looking through files on her desk. you discover that she’s part of an organization that has decided that humanity can’t make its own decisions – a carefully crafted a.i. algorithm will destroy all those who are a threat to society. you have an hour to shut down the a.i. and expose your professor.
  • you and your friends come to see your english professor for office hours, but there’s no trace of him. the only thing on his desk is a poem addressed to a woman. upon further investigation, it seems that she is a student there and you are convinced you must find more evidence to expose him for an inappropriate relationship. however, it is revealed that she was a student a long time ago, back when your professor was a student too. they’d met and fell in love until she disappeared, and you realize you shouldn’t make assumptions about people.

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