Checkpoint 1 – Concept Doc

Synopsis: It’s been 3 weeks since you’ve seen your friend in CS 247G. You receive a text from an unknown number to go look in their closet and find an old laptop. When you get there, everything looks completely normal but on their laptop you notice something strange. It looks like it was reset on factory mode and you need a code to get it back. Figure out what the code is and what happened to them. Our ending: They were taken by the FBI for malicious activities. 

Tone: Mysterious, suspicious, “whodunnit,” clue-based

Setting: Dorm room

Gameplay: The gameplay will involve trying to solve various puzzles as a part of the escape room to figure out what happened to the friend. 

Who is this for?: 13+ 

Possible puzzles: 

  • Something CS-based (to fulfill requirement for CS majors)
    • Some puzzle with maps
  • Cracking codes
  • Timestamps for moments in a t.v. show that spells out something.
  • Light manipulation so stacking stuff in a manner and turning the lights on?

Possible challenges we may encounter on the way: 

  • Conveying the hinting theme of spy
  • Integrating typical dorm-ish things into the game
  • Making engaging games that possibly build off of each other

Appendix: Linking individual posts

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