P2: Checkpoint 1

Potential storylines for escape room:

1 – Someone’s friend has gone missing for 3 weeks. You go and check up on their room and see that everything looks like it was just left but he is no where to be found. You look on their screen and notice that they were working on their start-up when they left. Find out what happened to them.

2 – Someone sends you a message to check under the desk of your friend. You go to their room and find it ransacked. Under the table is a note with four numbers on it. Find out what it is for.

3 – You open your friend’s laptop and notice they are on the dark web. An online chat appears and someone mentions meeting up somewhere. On your friend’s laptop, you see that they started to write something but halfway stops. The room looks completely normal but is untouched



  • Quiet, stretch string instrument sound
  • Clock ticking 
  • Just the office on in the background
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