Final Class Reflection

Before this class, I admired games but never really engaged with them. Most of my gaming experience comes from card games or famous racing games (i.e. Temple Run). But, coming into CS 247G, I was eager to learn more about gaming and use this opportunity to explore new game genres and grow my list of favorite games. 

That’s exactly what I got out of this class. Beyond the amazing people I got to work with and learn from, I was able to challenge my own perception of what a game is/consists of. I was amazed to learn that The And {} and others like it are considered games! I would not have classified them as such had it not been for this class. More importantly, I’ve realized that so many different components go into making a game possible. I have gained a newfound respect for game designers because it’s not an easy process but definitely a fun one.

Moreover, I have fallen in love with sketch notes. I’ve adopted this technique of notetaking for most of my other classes and have seen pretty impressive results. It’s easier to stay engaged in lectures and recall has improved. Plus, my notes are way way more attractive to look at.

This is only the beginning of my game designing journey. I have a lot of room for growth and I know it’s only through more exposure and experience that I’ll get better at it. I hope to continue working with unity to build more games and gain experience that I can take into my professional life.

Finally, I want to say that I’m so glad I shopped this class and loved it enough to see it through. Prior to attending the lectures, I was 75% sure I would end up taking this course in the fall but, for some reason, I decided to shop it and was sold after the first few lectures. Very glad I did!

Thanks to everyone, especially the staff (Christina, Kally, and Vincent), for making this class so memorable! 🙂


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