P2 Rubric

Individual Contribution & Teamwork

How did you individually contribute to the team work? (This will be graded based out on a survey we send out later.)

Did each team member contribute fair amounts of work and effort?

Did some members act to hold the team together and keep it focused?

15 pts
Playtesting and Iteration

Did the team incorporate feedback from playtesting and checkpoints?

Did the team successfully balance the game for their target audience?

Does the team justify design decisions and changes to the game clearly?

Did all players have fun throughout the game?

20 pts
Game Play/Logistics and Organization

If the game is a slice, is it fully fleshed-out,  detailed, and polished? If the game is an MDP, is it playable from beginning to end?

Are the rules clear? Are players sufficiently onboarded to play the game by themselves? Is the game balanced?

20 pts
World/Story Design

Is the world of the game consistent and interesting?

Are puzzles incorporated believably into the world? Are the puzzles of a reasonable difficulty?

Does the game progress at a reasonable pace? (Is the story well-paced? Is there a reasonable learning curve?)

Does the game have the working mechanics and art to set the mood?

Is the game at an appropriate level of fidelity for the player to have a pleasant game experience?

Did the game achieve the intended feel/type of fun?

20 pts
P2 Documentation

Is the write up easy to read, free of typos, and nicely formatted with captions for images?

Did the team apply concepts from lecture into the game? (Does the team demonstrate understanding of formal elements and types of fun. Did the team explain how these are implemented in the game?)

Did the team justify main design elements: focus on big things like core loops, player relationships, tone?

Is the visual design of the game strong? (Is the design appealing, Are all of the decisions meaningful)

Are the marketing materials compelling? (Does it visually fit the feel and theme of the game?)

25 pts


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