Visual Design of Games

The above still is from the Hyper Light Drifter, which is a game I find particularly beautiful. I feel that this image (and the game in general) make excellent use of both size and proximity. During normal play, the main character (the somewhat indistinguishable pink and purple fellow in the bottom right) occupies the center of the screen. But Hyper Light Drifter’s world is also full of the towering, biomechanical relics of a forgotten war. And when the game wants you to appreciate the absolute scale of these bygone monstrosities, the camera actually pulls away from your character. The screen is dominated, in terms of sheer size, by the colossus, while at the same time bringing your character to the edge of your vision (but not totally outside of it). This helps sell you on their enormity, but also helps remind the player that even though these relics appear to be from another era, their effects are still being felt.

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