Introduce Yourself: Cristobal Garcia

Hi! My name is Cristobal Garcia (he/him).

My favorite game of all time is Terraria. The game gives the player enough liberty to do what they want while still giving enough of a guiding path that has a satisfying gameplay loop that prevents the player from feeling aimless. The theming and music of the game is arcady and fun.

A recent game I enjoyed is Slay the Spire. It is a fantasy themed rogue-like deck builder dungeon crawler game. The rogue-like genre is characterized by having to reset after dying in a game. In this context you build a deck where you find a new card after beating a level of opponents but when your life reaches zero you lose the deck you have and restart. This game still has progression by unlocking new potential cards as you go along but the soft reset gives each run of the game its own unique feeling.

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