Final Class Reflection by Meerim Nurlanbekova

Before I took this class, I thought of games as just things for fun. But in this class, I learned that games can tell important stories and even challenge the way we see the world. I found out that some games focus on feminist ideas, which means they include elements of equality, inclusivity, and tolerance among different identities and can teach people important social norms.

Also, when creating games I learned to look at game design as a startup and understand the target audience, problems and solutions. But one of the important concepts I learned about games is that:

“Games are all about learning and that games stop being fun when everything is clear!”

As a Learning Design and Technology major student I fun games super educative and that games are the most effective ways to teach kids and other learners. Gamification is one of the core elements of teaching and learning!

I tried to include these ideas in my own game designs. I learned that the actions you can take in a game, called mechanics, can make players feel powerful and in control. This was a bit hard because I had to make sure the game was still fun to play while also telling an important story.

Using these ideas in my work was a bit tricky, but it made me think more about the stories my games tell. I realized that games can be more than just something to play—they can make people feel things and understand different points of view.

I want to share that I faced some challenges during the class. I was sick and couldn’t participate in many classes, missing out on half of them due to critical health. However, despite these challenges, I was able to complete my P1 assignment with my team. I’m sorry for not being able to contribute fully during that time.

Because of this class, I now see game design in a new way. I want to create games that tell diverse stories and make players think. I know that making games is not just about the fun parts but also about telling stories that matter.

In the future, I plan to keep exploring these ideas in my games. I want to get better at telling stories that are important while still being enjoyable to play. I understand that games can be a powerful way to share different experiences and make people see the world in a new light.

This class changed the way I design games, and I’m excited to keep learning and creating games that have a positive impact on players.

(a word cloud from this reflection)


Thank you for a great adventurous and fun course, dear Christina and TAs!!!


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