Critical Play: Puzzles (Gorogoa) by Meerim Nurlanbekova

“Gorogoa” is a really awesome puzzle game made by Jason Roberts and put out by Annapurna Interactive. It came out in December 2017 for computers, phones, and game consoles. The game is special because you solve puzzles by moving around picture panels in a clever way.

Key game elements:

  1. Puzzle Moves: In “Gorogoa,” you play with pictures on panels to solve puzzles and keep going. It’s not like regular puzzles!
  2. Hand-Drawn Pictures: The game’s pictures are all drawn by hand, and they look amazing. Each picture piece tells a part of the story.
  3. Story Fun: The game has a story that you figure out as you play. It mixes mythology and cool fantasy stuff.
  4. Sounds and Music: “Gorogoa” has sounds that make you feel like you’re in the game. The music is nice and adds to the fun.
  5. Find and Explore: The game wants you to think and look around. It’s like a mystery that you get to solve!
  6. Awards: “Gorogoa” got prizes and awards because people liked it so much, especially for being a great game on phones.
  7. Play Anywhere: You can play “Gorogoa” on lots of things, like your computer, phone, or game machine.

Playing: You move pictures around to solve puzzles. Each picture is a part of the game world. You need to try different ways to make the pictures fit and tell the story.

Storytime: “Gorogoa” tells a story, but you get to guess what it really means. There’s a mythical thing called Gorogoa that’s part of the story too.

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