Critical Play: Mysteries by Meerim Nurlanbekova

TITLE: Virago: Herstory

AUDIENCE: The target audience is anyone who enjoys solving mysteries and good plots but I would make it 18+ as it contains violence.

GENRE: Adventure, Mistery, Free to Play, Indie

DEVELOPER: Sunday Akor

PUBLISHER: Honest Chronicle

RELEASE DATE: Nov 24, 2022

“Virago” is an indie adventure game that shares the story of a girl who, after getting away from her mom following a divorce, faces severe stalking that messes with her mind and feelings. I played it on my phone and found lots of glitches. The game functions were not properly working and had limitations when pressing. Any novice playing this game would struggle to understand the mechanics and might easily give up playing.

In general, game effectively immerses players in its narrative but lacks the excitement and thrill that arise from intricate gameplay mechanics and skillful challenges. While I would not play such games and support games with violent elements, I recognize that other people might play such games. I would propose adding elements of teaching safety, and self-defense to this game would make the narrative meaningful! From a feminist perspective, I noticed that a lot of games make women and girls victims, instead, I would make girls and women heroines!


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