P2: Tiny Playable Prototype

I made a very bare-bones twine prototype and tested it on two users. The following are a few suggestions and changes I want to make:

  • More details during the setup so players can feel more part of the game/setting
  • Likes the mechanic of not giving the players a choice once they become bystanders
  • Come up with more descriptions of the bullying (even better to preface the game by saying these are real-life examples of bullying but for fictional characters)
  • Maybe make it even more difficult scenario to defend the victim / increase the sense of self-preservation
  • Give more chances for the player to “give up” and not protect the victim (there are only two scenes where this happens, so it is more realistic/similar to real life) – maybe three or four scenes, that describe how sticking up against bullies may make someone lose their friend / make their mental health worse too
  • Maybe a statistic of Korea’s bullying problem / mental illness issue in the end to tie it all together
  • Play with colors? When the game restarts, change the color so people know it is not just a mistake

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